Science Express


31.10.2007 – 04.06.2008

Science Express Title
New Delhi, October 30th, 2007: Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, set off the Science Express, an Indo-German science train.

The exhibition on wheels travelled 15,000 kilometres within 217 days and stopped in 57 cities throughout India. Its aim is to help get more young people interested in a career in research and development. Until June 2008, visitors have had the opportunity to take a fascinating journey through the present and the future of scientific discoveries and in the process learn about the possibilities for studying and researching in India and Germany.

See inside the exhibition:

Science Express Themes
Science Express Themes
Science Express Themes

In the railcars of the Science Express, visitors traverse modern scientific topics – from the search for the smallest particles to research into the fundaments of life and detecting the biggest structures in the universe. Modern multimedia technology and innovative exhibits show where the cutting edge of research currently stands in the world and which new topics are breaking new ground, how the different spheres of knowledge are interrelated and how they will affect our lives in the future.

The topics in detail:

01 | Why are the laws of nature the way they are?
02 | How can we systematically influence materials?
03 | What is life?
04 | Which program controls the development of organsims?
05 | How does the brain work?
06 | What is consciousness
07 | Can complex systems be measured?
08 | How does complexity arise?
09 | What constitutes sustainable development?
** | High-Tech Strategy for Germany
10 | How can we preserve the earth`s protective systems?
11 | How do stars and planets originate?
12 | How and when did the universe come into existence?
** | World of chemistry / Kids Lab

Research Opportunities in Germany

Besides modern research topics, visitors can also get more information on the possibilities for studying and researching in India and Germany. Flyers with basic information can be downloaded here:

pdf.gif Research Opportunities at Max Planck Institutes
[PDF / 2 MB]

pdf.gif International Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS) [PDF / 1 MB]

For further information and details, please visit these websites: