Exhibition Overview



The Science Express is a joint Indo-German pathway to discovery. It invites you along on a fascinating expedition into the mysteries of our world – to groundbreaking discoveries, emerging issues of cutting-edge science and future-oriented technologies. You will travel from the smallest elements of our world to the largest structures in outer space. Exciting images, video clips and interactive exhibits will offer fascinating insights into the hidden worlds of atoms, cells, neurons and bytes, as well as the complex interactions of civilizations, planets, stars and galaxies. The exhibition takes modern research out of the lab and reveals just how relevant science is to everyday life. Discover how science is enabling society to face the global challenges of the 21st century. The Science Express will travel throughout India and make stops in 55 cities.

Exhibition on board of the Science Express

This futuristic exhibition focuses on the rapid development of modern science – the astonishing worlds that scientists have opened up, and the new opportunities and challenges they present. Designed to inspire young people to explore frontier science and innovation in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and the environmental sciences, the Science Express invites Indian people to journey through the world of ‘Made in Germany’ cutting-edge science. It shows the connections between different aspects of scientific knowledge and how they affect our lives. Interactive exhibits, images, and video clips turn research into an adventure. Therefore, the Science Express delivers also good reasons for studying at German universities, to earn a doctoral degree at International research schools or to apply for postdoctoral positions at Max Planck or other research institutes in Germany.


The Science Express has twelve thematic ‘stations’. Additionally, India and Germany are presenting their strategies for science and technology at the beginning of the 21st century. The “Teens Lab” of BASF encourages youths to learn more about various applications of science and to have a tangible experience of how chemistry can transform our lives.
The Science Express is a multimedia exhibition by the Max Planck Society on its way through India. Visitors can get in touch with the newest breakthroughs in science. Fascinating images, videos and many hands-on exhibits take them from microscopic worlds to the most distant galaxies. Learn more about the limits of space and time, enter the mysterious worlds and technologies of tomorrow – for instance nanotechnology, biotechnology and neuroelectronics.


“The Science Express is a multimedia and hands-on exhibition by the Max Planck Society. It has – for the first time – been put on a train in order to bring science directly to you. This “exhibition on the move” will lead you through a world of cutting-edge science and research mysteries. Allow it to unravel the wonders of science and technology for you. Let it arouse your curiosity in how to make this world a better place to live in by means of science and research. I am convinced that the Science Express will help to build bridges in science and technology between Germany, the “Land of Ideas” and “Ingenious India”, thus allowing us to meet the common challenges that lie ahead.”
Prof. Dr. Peter Gruss, President of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science